The Design Tailors is a London based digital design and media production company full of innovative ideas and creations. We like to take an unorthodox approach to our consultation and believe in doing so allows the designer to mould and sculpture the best package for you.


We know how it is being a new business and the barriers you can face getting your business to a professional standard, having great marketing material at your disposal but with limited funds. For this we  offer superb bespoke business start up packages with everything you need to get your business on the go and out there. With competitive prices get in touch now!


We cater to all needs whether you are an individual looking for a one off project or a full grown established business it doesn't matter we will accommodate. At The Design Tailors we want you to feel the experience of seeing your input and ideas come to life using us as a medium we will make this possible, and on completion you will feel as if you have just walked out of the Savile Row of the design industry with a bespoke tailor made project.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs